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Welcome to Spiral Sun Herbals.  Canadian witchcraft supply since 2014.  Dried herbs and botanicals, spell supplies, authentic beautiful crystals and jewelry.  Made with love and healing intentions in Canada.

Adventures with Mother Nature
(and a good cup of coffee!)

Ritual spellcrafting kits and supplies at Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada
Summer solstice ritual supplies at Spiral Sun Herbals in Northern Ontario Canada

Welcome to Spiral Sun Herbals. And our new home here on Wicked Stones. We have made the jump from Etsy and put our shop on Vacation Mode and will be only selling from this site.  We have been creating handcrafted spiritual items for many decades in Canada and every piece we work with is done one at a time with great care and joy.  Spiral Sun is a representation of my family's pagan spirit; the sun is a key factor in our daily life as it adds positive and healing energy and the spiral is the joyful abundant flow of energy around and within us. Most of our creations also carry a touch of this healing as everything hand crafted is put together with this element of peace and happiness. I also work with lunar and sabbat cycles to enhance or bless particular items.

Many of our herbal products come from our own Northern Ontario gardens and or respectfully wildcrafted.  Not all though, because this area does not have a long growing season before the beautiful snow and ice arrives.  With that in mind, we often will source out plants from another Canadian business that carries Fair Trade products.   We work from both regular gardens and our sacred spaces - only picking our florals, berries, herbs and grasses when the time is right and we do not touch a large portion so that there is ample food for wildlife.  Sustainability is incredibly important for our space.  Some of our products will remain unavailable if we are offering healing to the land and giving them time to recoup and flourish.

...Blessings to all and may the wind favour you in your travels...

Testimonials for Spiral Sun Herbals

Canadian witchcraft supply by Spiral Sun Herbals


Thank you so much for my herbs and beautiful stones and crystals! I was so excited opening all of them and I am looking so forward to using them all. The extra gift was a special little touch.  This was my first order and I will absolutely be supporting this Ontarian-based store in the near future!! Blessed be

Herbal insence and offerings at Spiral Sun Herbals


Herbs and Crystals:  Wonderful experience purchasing here. everything was lovely and the care she took to package it all and include little extras was so appreciated

Spell, ritual and witchcraft kits in Ontairo Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Relax, sleep and Dream herbal crystal set:  Everything was perfect as always - thank you! Will absolutely purchase from this shop again and recommend to others.

Order your custom spell witchcraft kit with herbs and crystals at Spiral Sun Herbals


Custom Witchcraft set:  My custom set was perfect! Val was so wonderful to help me pick out the best items for my daughters journey into witchcraft! So much love!! Everything was packaged with so much care, too.

Mystery herb witchcraft set made in Canada


13 Mystery Herb Set or you choose which herbs you would like:  Absolutely love every herb you put in, so magical while opening. Over all great experience with this

13 mystery herb pagan witchcraft set in Ontario Canada


Val helped me put together an specific set of herbs for a gift. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and asked questions to make sure she had an understanding of what I was looking for. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Canadian garden grown sweetgrass


Garden Grown Sweetgrass:  Such a generous amount of sweetgrass, and it smells amazing! Very happy with my purchase and the extras included in my package. Thanks so much.

Apothecary witchcraft herb mystery set made By Spiral Sun Herbals and Wicked Stones


13 Mystery Herb set:  I just received my box of herbs, handpicked by Val! Thankyou so much for the extra herbs, it was very generous and your personal note and beautiful packaging was a wonderful touch. I will definetly recommend this shop!

Mystery witchcraft herbal set or you can pick your own.  Made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


13 Mystery Herb Set:  The herbs smell amazing and seem fresh, quality is great, and the little labels with listed properties are cute and useful - thumbs up!

13 witchcraft herbs wildcrafted and garden grown for your ritual and spellcrafting


13 Mystery Herb Set: My second purchase here, and once again completely wonderful. Everything was very thoughtful and generous. Thank you again for a lovely experience!

Handmade ritual and healing incense and offerings made in Canada


Set of 5 handmade and blended incense in bottles with pentacle charm:  Beautifully crafted, will definitely purchase again

Choose your 13 witchcraft dried apothecary herbs by Spiral Sun Herbals in Ontario


13 Mystery Herb Set: Wonderful selection and quality as always - thank you!!

Mystery herbal witchcraft set by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada


Mystery herbal set:  Arrived in a timely fashion, smelled great as soon as I opened the box. Instead of getting the 13 bags, I ordered, I got 14 bags, and an extra gift. Will definitely purchase from again, great customer service! Thank you again!

Witchcraft herbs in a mystery set.  Choose your own.  Made in Ontario Canada


Set of 13 mystery witchcraft herbals and florals:  Love the herbs. i cut the labels off the bags and taped them on the bottles.

Handmade divination dowsing tools made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals.  Blue Kyanite witches moon pendulum


5 star review for this handcrafted natural raw blue Kyanite pendulum with Celtic knots and moon.  

Herbals and floral witchcraft herbs in Ontario Canada.


Mystery Set: Thank you so much for all these wonderful herbs and crystals!! Your the sweetest shop and was definitely the right choice to pick from! I'm in love with everything and can't wait to get working with them!!

Custom herbal and crystal witchcraft kits available at Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada


I ordered 3 sets & asked if she could pick them for my daughter and I. I told her a few things about us and the herbs she chose... left us speechless and in (happy) tears! It's like she knew our hearts and spirits. I just held it, in shock and awe that a stranger could know EXACTLY what I needed... when I needed it. The entire thing was beautifully packaged, with each bag of herbs labeled with the name and notable properties of each! I highly recommend this store. Val will take excellent care of you and you will not be disappointed! Blessed Be!

Dried magick herbs for spellcrafting in Ontario Canada


This is my second time ordering a set of herbs. I love these little baggies. Instead of spending 30$ on a few full sized herbs, I have a smaller amount of each herb but lots herbs to try! The baggies are a decent size too, you can get many uses out of the amount you are given, depending on the recipe/spell. Highly recommend! and lots of the herbs are garden grown with love and respect!

apothecary and witchcraft herbals in Ontario canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


13 Herb Mystery Set:  These arrived in no time at all! Left my requests in the comments and I received all of them they are absolutely lovely and where packaged perfectly! Thank you so much for the little extra surprise as well. I will definitely eat ordering again in the future

Spell kits for ritual and spellcrafting for luck and abundance


Luck and Abundance Spell Kit:  It shipped out very quicky! It was a gift for my mom and she loved it so much, she found it especially helpful that everything was individually labeled. Thank you !

Mixed dried herb mystery set of witchcraft and apothecary herbs.


Only good surprises! My package arrived promptly and without issues. Every one of my custom preferences were included, plus a bonus gift! I love that they include the symbolism of each herb on the package. Will definitely shop here again. Thanks guys! ❤

Choose your pagan witchcraft ritual and spell herbs.  Garden and wildcraft grown in Canada


Witchcraft herbal set of mystery 13 herbs: 

High quality herbs, came pretty quick considering the pandemic. Exactly what i ordered thank you.

Offerings and gratitude for fairy rituals and spellcrafting.


Fairy Offerings and Gratitude gifts wildcrafted Blend. Made with wildcrafted herbs, florals, seeds and berries: 

 Great packaging and impeccable customer service!

Custom set witchcraft herbals and crystals in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Gorgeous! Its so aesthetically pleasing and matches my altar already!  All the meanings are on the bag typed so its readable and just enough in each bag to last me awhile. She happily worked with me and created a personalized listing just for me to be able to have literally one of every herb she has! Also included a crystal and a few exclusive herbs!! Couldn't be happier with this purchase and will continue to use as my re-stock source!! Thank you!

Mini crystal set for healing and crafting by Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada


Tiny Crystal Sets: Perfect packaging and amazing customer service. Valarie is timely with her responses and delivery times!! I will definitely be ordering from her store again!!! Highly recommend!

Witchcraft apothecary herbs and herbals for your spellcrafting


13 Mystery Herb Set: It came quickly and the product was beyond what I was expecting to get. I love love love it

Custom ordered witchcraft apothecary set in Canada


Custom herbal apothecary set:  I asked for a blend of herbs for a beginner witch and I was so excited to see such a diverse selection! Dispatched super quickly too, will definitely order again!

Handmade incense for banishing negative energy.  Witchcraft supply in Ontario Canada


5 star review for handmade incense to help banish negative energy.  Just lovely

Full Moon empowerment witchcraft ritual kit by Spiral Sun Herbals in Ontario Canada


Full Moon Manifest and Empowerment Set: Everything was beautiful and perfect. I can’t wait for the next full moon! Thank you!

Custom witch witchcraft sets in Ontario Canada.


Custom Kit:  So excited about this kit! Everything was beautifully packaged and so much care was put into assembling this set. I couldn't be happier!

Amethyst, moonstone pendulum for dinvination your future.  Goddess tools in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Amethyst Moonstone Goddess handmade Pendulum:  Incredible, beautiful piece. Very honest, awesome to work with.

Custom witchcraft herbs set by Spiral Sun Herbals


I am beyond happy with this custom Kit. This shop owner spent so much time messaging back and forth with me to make sure if was perfect! And when I got my kit it was even better than I would have ever expected! So generous. Well worth the money! I will shop here many times again!

Witchcraft and herbal sets in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


I am very new to this craft, and had no idea which herbs would be good to start with. I decided to order 2 starter sets to get me going!  Val did an amazing job at selecting the herbs to include in my package! There were no duplicates! Bonus free gifts included! I was so ecstatic! The package smelled wonderful!! I wish I could give it ten stars!! Thank you, Val!! I will be ordering again!! :D

Handmade pentacle and jasper pendulum.  Made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals.


Handmade Pendulum:  What a work of art - it's even more beautiful than I expected and its full of wonderful energy. The seller was nothing short of amazing to deal with. Quick responses to all my questions and she went above and beyond to make sure this beautiful pendulum made its way to me before my deadline as I needed it for a workshop. Thank you so much, Val!

Imbolc ritual spell kit supplies by Spiral Sun Herbals in Ontario Canada


Imbolc Ritual Kit:  This is absolutely perfect! The herbs are lovely and fresh, superb quality indeed! Thank you ever so much for the little gift neatly placed in the box!

Polishec quartz crystal wands.  Tools and crystals for witchcraft path in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Crystal Polished Wand:  Fast shipping and attention to detail too. Great communication plus a small gift that really connected to me. I will be purchasing again soon. Blessed be!

Ostara witchcraft ritual kit made in Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals witch supply shop


Ostara Ritual Kit containing candles, herbs, crystals and supplies. 

5 Star review!

Tiny crystals and supplies for witchcraft and rituals.  Made in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Set of tiny Crystals:  Super happy and pleased with my stones, thank you soo much for the brown jasper, beautiful!!! I'll come back for more ..😊😊👌👌

Sweetgrass braids ethcially grown in Ontario Canada by Spiral Sun Herbals


Sweetgrass braid:  Love the energy of this being can feel the love! Also thank you SO much for the little surprise gift included as well.

13 herbal witchcraft set.  Choose your own or get a surprise set.  Spiral Sun Herbals in Canada


This was my first ever purchase so I was impatient and nervous almost the entire time. No matter how many times I messaged Valrie in a manic moment, she was always kind and caring. I absolutely love each herb that I received and will be ordering from this shop from now on. They all smell amazing and will be put to great use. Thank you.

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