Feel grounded.

Feel centered.


Around and around your wrist, these amazingly smooth polished Agate beads will travel as you wear your bracelet.  These are natural crystals, no dye has been used.  The beads go from smaller to larger in the middle.  The colours are deeply rich browns with lighter and darker shades.  Quite elegant and beautifully strong looking. 


The center larger beads are separated by sterling silver floral spacers and the smaller stones each have a sterling tiny bead between them.


Measuring 7 inches long, this bracelet is not adjustable. So please measure your wrist before ordering.  Holding the entire piece together is a strong stringing material with a sterling silver clasp and ring on either end.


Release that tension.  

Let go.

And focus on your healing.

    Natural Agate Bracelet

    SKU: B29
      • grounding energy 
      • staying calm 
      • stress reduction
      • balance and stability
      • luck and abudanace
      • prosperity
      • protection
      • beautiful crystal for yoga or meditation practices

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