As you turn this crystal around in the light, you are going to find so many beautiful areas to discover. It has lighter shades of purple and a darker section near the bottom of the stone.  Across the mid area and in other areas of your stone, there is a band of earthy red browns and the back is a rich cream shade with lighter soft gray whites.


This is a natural crystal cluster that came from a collector from the Thunder Bay area in Ontario, Canada.   As this is a amethyst cluster, you do have to take care when wearing is that you don't drop it on a hard surface.  It is a combination of so many tiny crystals all embedded into one surface.  


Your stone measures 1 1/4 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide. I have hand wrapped it with sterling silver wire.  Remember, this is a natural crystal so there are some rough areas but it is not terribly sharp or pointy.  Just use caution if you are wearing a delicate material in case of snags. 

Amethyst Cluster from Ontario Pendant Sterling Silver

SKU: NC214
Length of Cord
  • · Protection

    · Help with meditation

    · Manifestation & Luck

    · Intuition and help with divination

    · Releases tension

    · Courage

    · Psychic enhancer

    · Protection from psychic attack

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