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You can let go of that tension you are holding.  Release that which is holding you back and begin manifesting your future.


Amethyst is a beautiful healing crystal when working and dealing with negative emotions like worry, anxiety and bothersome thoughts.  It can help to clear up your cluttered thinking and help you to focus on finding courage to change your life.


This piece of Amethyst has been highly polished and cut into faceted edges. It's super smooth to the touch with just a few brisk areas near the edges.  The inside has a stunning mixture of lighter and darker areas of purple with gorgeous phantoms.


The stone measures 1 1/4 inches long by just under 1 inch wide.  It'll come ready to wear on a black leather cord with a clasp.

Amethyst Crystal for Dealing with Negative Emotions

SKU: 337AM
  • · Protection

    · Help with meditation

    · Manifestation & Luck

    · Intuition and help with divination

    · Releases tension

    · Courage

    · Psychic enhancer

    · Protection from psychic attack