Allow your heart to heal.

Allow yourself to invite love into your life

Allow your love to be a gift to yourself.


This particular kit contains four stunning gemstone crystals to help you to heal your heart and open yourself up to love once again.  There are 2 stones in this collection that are from Canada.


You will discover a gorgeous natural Garnet that has been hand collected in Ontario, Canada.  The polished sodalite is also from Ontario.


Your stones are:


Rose Quartz (1.5 inches)

  • gentle soothing energy
  • healing the heart
  • accept love
  • love yourself
  • emotional balance
  • comfort
  • mood calming


Sodalite (Over 1 inch)

  • transition
  • balance during times of change
  • attraction energy
  • manifestation of your desires
  • support


Red Jasper (over 1 inch)

  • courage
  • passion
  • protection
  • confidence 
  • stability


Garnet (just under an inch)

  • happiness
  • rebirth (starting over)
  • confidence
  • desire
  • endurance
  • calming energy
  • strength


Your crystals will each have a small card describing what they are and will arrive with a cotton pouch.

    Attract Love & Heal my Heart Crystal Set

    SKU: KT73

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