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This is a natural banded agate crystal. That means that no dye has been used to achieve these beautiful brown, black and white banding colours. It's a pretty crystal that measures only 1 inch long and is very light weight. It's the perfect size for someone who prefers smaller stones to work with or for someone who just loves unique pieces of jewelry that are not too large.


It's in the shape of a tooth or horn and has such a lovely smooth surface. There is a tiny groove hear the point that you can feel with your fingertips.


There is a drill hole in the top where I've put a 20 inch leather cord with a silver metal clasp. When you get this piece and begin to wear it? Rub the leather cord through your fingers to soften it so that the lighter crystal tooth will hang properly. Once the leather warms to your body temperature it will sit perfectly.


Agate Ground me during stress

C$18.00 Regular Price
C$16.20Sale Price
Cord Necklace
    • luck
    • prosperity
    • harmony
    • protection
    • balance during times of stress