In the face of negative energy... 

in battle with ourselves or with others...

or when times are very difficult...


We can sometimes use a little crystal love. 


Used with your intentions, this five crystal set was chosen to help you to be stronger and more balanced as you work through the issues you are facing and get to understand that you can achieve what you set out to do.


You'll also get a cotton pouch to carry or store them in and an information card.


Aquamarine 1 inch

  • protection
  • banishing negative energy
  • strength and inner power
  • harmony

Picture Jasper 1 inch

  • Grounding energy
  • stress reduction
  • confidence
  • positive outlook
  • balance


Red Jasper 3/4 inch

  • courage
  • stability
  • protection
  • higher energy
  • power
  • returning negative vibes back to sender


Black Tourmaline 3/4 inch

  • strong protection
  • grounding
  • absorbing negative energy
  • self confidence
  • removing personal emotional blocks
  • diminishing fear
  • blocking hexes, ill wishes and negative energy


Kyanite over 1 inch (natural/raw)

  • new beginnings
  • reducing anxiety
  • protection
  • focus
  • confidence
  • ability to speak your mind


You can use each of these stone individually or in tandem with your intentions.

    Power Battle Crystal Set

    SKU: KT70

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