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Black Tourmaline is a very powerful crystal to help remove and block many types of negative energies that may be coming into your life.  I personally wear this type of crystal when I'm feeling overwhelmed with energies that are causing me problems and making me feel like I can't accomplish anything when negative energies are crushing me down. 


These types of gemstones have a smooth finish but are also pitted with nooks and crannies due to their nature. They are not easily polished.  That gives them a very unique look as they are part natural looking but also soothing like silk against the skin as you wear them.  


Black Tourmaline can also be used when working with your Root or Muladhara Chakra.  This Chakra is the grounding force that connects us to the Earth's energy and helps to empower who we are.    Root Chakra helps us to deal with the tasks given to us in the material and physical world. It gives you the ability to stand up for yourself and feel secure.  It builds our sense of survival and is the rock on which our entire Chakra system and energy rely upon. 


Your crystal measures 1 inch by 3/4 inch wide and I have hand wrapped it using silver plate wire with a copper inner core. Please note, this wire will tarnish over time and you will see the copper patina eventually. 

    Black Tourmaline give me STRENGTH! Give me protection!

    SKU: 330PT
      • transforms negative energy to positive
      • builds a shield around you for protection
      • protection from electromagnetic smog
      • protection against psychic attacks
      • disperses tension and stress
      • dispels fears
      • helps to remove mental blockages
      • connection to mother earth
      • root chakra balancing