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Black Tourmaline can be an amazing crystal to wear as it has tremendous energy to help block negative vibes of so many sorts. It's protection to the Max!!  I personally enjoy wearing this type of crystal when everyone around me is buzzing with negative energy. It's great at knocking it down before it crawls into my mood.


This is a single piece of black Tourmaline from Tibet. There is a small drill hole in which I have used silver plate wire to create your pendant. This shape is natural.  The surface of your stone is smooth but also has very interesting areas to enjoy that have a bit of texture.


Your crystal measures 3/4 inch long by just over 1/4 wide.  

Black Tourmaline Tibet Pendant

SKU: NC203
C$38.00 Regular Price
C$34.20Sale Price
Cord Necklace
    • transforms negative energy to positive
    • builds a shield around you for protection
    • protection from electromagnetic smog
    • protection against psychic attacks
    • disperses tension and stress
    • dispels fears
    • helps to remove mental blockages
    • connection to mother earth
    • root chakra balancing