Give yourself a moment to let go and feel the calm energy flow through you.


Know that you are strong and capable of moving forward and letting go of past obstacles.   Speak your truth and know you can do anything you set your mind to.


Your crystal is a beautiful piece of natural blue Apatite that I have made into a pendant by using sterling silver wire.  It's a mixture of soft earthy tones and rich powerful blues.  You can see these intense shades of blue when you hold a light behind your crystal. I've tried to capture an image of that blue for you in the photos above. 


This is a natural, raw, unpolished crystal.  A wonderful companion for you when you are trying to stay calm and focused during times of stress and change.  You can learn to breath and speak your mind and find your inner strength. 


Your healing crystal measures 1 inch long by just over 3/4 high and over 1/4 wide. 

Blue Apatite Calming Energy Crystal

SKU: NC223
Length of Cord
    • Getting through difficult life situations
    • helps you to communicate your feelings and thoughts more clearly
    • calms emotions
    • strength
    • increasing clairvoyance skills
    • past life meditation
    • meditation
    • spiritual guidance

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