Wowsers this crystal is a beauty! What you are seeing is a stunning natural blue Apatite hexagonal crystal.  This particular crystal came to me with very few stops along its journey to you.  So much so, that I've even had to hand wash most of the dirt off before taking the photos to post here (I bet you'll even find some if you try hard).  


Your crystal is a high gem grade stone that measures almost 1 inch tall by almost 1 inch wide and 3/4 inch across. It weighs in at 90 carats (or 18 grams).  It's a deep vibrant blue that I hope I've been able to capture in some of the photos. When you hold it up in the light, it's almost an electric blue colour.   


There are smooth areas, bumpy areas and some areas with the natural brown earthy area.  It sits flat on the bottom so you would be able to keep it in a special place safely.  This is an amazing piece for the collector as well as for those using crystals for healing purposes.  I'll package your crystal up carefully so that it arrives safely to you.

Calming emotions blue Apatite Crystal

SKU: C200
    • Getting through difficult life situations
    • helps you to communicate your feelings and thoughts more clearly
    • calms emotions
    • strength
    • increasing clairvoyance skills
    • past life meditation
    • meditation
    • spiritual guidance

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