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There are days that I'm at the end of my rope, as far as patience goes. Those are the days that I often reach for Blue Lace Agate. This type of healing crystal helps you to find calmness inside of you once again and remember how to breathe. How to let go of the anger and not to let it boil up and explode everywhere.


It has a very nurturing way that is gentle and soothing. Many of my clients have contacted me after using Blue Lace to let me know just how relaxing it was to them to carry this gemstone with them. Even the colour (which is natural by the way) is relaxing to the eye. The blue shades and patterns are like waves or clouds just waiting to take away those bad energies waiting to get to you.


Your pendant measures 1.5 inches long and has been drilled in the top so that I could put a 20 inch leather cord through it that has a silver metal clasp. This type of pendant allows for a lot of exposure to your skin so you can really feel it working with you. This particular crystal is shaped like a figure 8 and has a soft circular pattern on the front and intense blue bandings on the side. It's certainly a beauty.

Blue Lace Agate Crystal powerful calming energy

Cord Necklace
    • soft gentle healing energy
    • helps to calm your thoughts and energy
    • peace of mind
    • powerful nurturing
    • helps to neutralize anger and negative stresses
    • helps to assist us with counteracting blocked self-expression
    • opening yourself up to expression
    • peace
    • reach high spiritual levels