Allow yourself to be calm.

Feel yourself grounded.. safe.. and positive.


Measuring over 1 inch long, this blue quartz crystal carries a lot of gentle healing energy about it.  This quartz point is treated with Titanium, which amplifies the already existing healing properties of your gemstone.  


The point area is clear and you can really see the blue.  As it travels to the top, it clouds into a gorgeous cloud like area.   As you turn your crystal in the light you will see beautiful natural etching on many of the surfaces.


I have hand wrapped your healing crystal with sterling silver wire.  It will come ready to wear on a necklace length of your choice or if you prefer, you can put it on your own necklace.

Blue Titanium Crystal Point

SKU: NC224
Length of Cord
    •  Gentle Healing energy
    • Protection from negative energy
    • Transforms negative energy to positive
    • Restores positive energy
    • Harmony and peace
    • Optimism in dealing with changes
    • Joy and happiness
    • Meditation
    • Increasing psychic abilities

    Titanium quartz is heat treated with Titanium which creates a beautiful rainbow type multi coloured reflection.  It can help to strengthen the healing powers of your crystal and amplifies its energies.

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