Your piece of polished brown Jasper is super smooth and feels like silk when you stroke it. It's round with flat sides and will sit directly on the skin, which is perfect when you feel you need more contact with your crystal for healing purposes.


It's a beautiful crystal that has sweeping lighter and darker shades of natural brown.  If you use your imagination, you can see sandstorms that perhaps will blowyour troubles and stresses away as you work with this gemstone.


Your pendant is hand made using a heavy gauge sterling silver wire.  At the top and bottom are sterling silver beads.  The stone measures 1.25 inches.

Brown Jasper Calming Energy during times of stress. Sterling Pendant

C$40.00 Regular Price
C$36.00Sale Price
    • Meditation
    • Calming Energy
    • Dealing with stress 
    • Courage to face life's challenges and problems
    • Grounding - feeling like you have your feet on the ground in times of turmoil and problems
    • Past life regression
    • Astral Travel
    • Connection to the earth

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