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These are perfect crystal healing earrings to wear when you wish to have a dangle, but not so much. The dangle crystal area measures just under 1 inch long. That makes them great for wearing during certain types of Yoga practices as they tend to tangle less in your hair during some poses.  They are also wonderful to wear when working with your Sacral Charka when working towards changes in your life.


Your Carnelian crystals really catch the light in such a positive and beautiful way. I have added a single square bead and a round bead on top of each other with gold plated spaces between them. The riveting colours are all natural.


The earring is gold plated metal that contains zero nickel. They are lever back earrings which means once they are through your earlobe, you can close the lever so that they stay in place. Personally, I prefer these as they keep my earrings where they are meant to be.

Carnelian Sacral Chakra Earrings: Positive Energy for Change

    • Protection & courage
    • Vitality & zest for life
    • Strength to get through the difficult times
    • Abundance
    • Positive energy
    • Helps your true self to shine through without fear of conforming to the expecations of others
    • Trust yourself
    • Overcoming negative conditioning
    • Sharper concentration
    • During meditation it helps to remove busy thoughts
    • Calms anger and negative energy - replaces it with love of life
    • Grounding
    • Creativity


    This gem also helps to work with the Sacral Chakra

    • balance in our lives
    • allows for changes in our life and a healthy experience of life around you
    • listening to your inner voice
    • strength to let go of things that are no longer useful in your life
    • creative energy