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Feel a sense of beautiful peace and tranquility.

Let go of the stress.

Release those negative emotions.



Chrysocolla is a very gentle healer that can help you to rise above the negative vibes that have been imploding all around you.  It's wonderful after confrontation or to help keep you balanced with confidence when times are difficult.


This beautiful piece is a single matte polished Chrysocolla gemstone that has a drilled center core.  I've used a very heavy guage sterling wire through the center and there are 2 ornate sterling beads on the top and bottom.  Below dangles a shimmering sterling silver Celtic Triquerta knot.  The stone itself has a silky smooth feeling against the skin and has so many shades of green to almost blue in some spots.  These colours are natural.


All together, the pendant measures just over 2 inches long by 3/4 wide.  It will come ready to wear on the necklace of your choice.

Chrysocolla Powerful Healer Sterling Triquerta Celtic Knot

SKU: 342CH
    • Lowers stress
    • helps sooth tension
    • helpful after confrontation with others to reduce negative emotions
    • emotional healing
    • inspires creativity
    • boosts intuition
    • inner balance
    • confidence
    • motivation for change
    • finding joy and happiness
    • release old guilt to move on