Jam packed into your 2 inch by 2 inch zip bag are many natural raw pieces of beautiful citrine crystals.  They range in size from very small to bigger and vary in golden hues. I've tried to include some very rich pieces in each bag so there's a wonderful assortment of crystals to pick from.  These are not beads, they are natural tiny crystals.  


You can use these types of natural raw gemstones for so many crafting ideas, you are only limited by your imagination! I have seen the most stunning glass vial jewelry pendants made with these inside as well as powerful healing pouches for those who prefer to carry their stones instead of wearing them.  


Your bag of stones has been hand packaged. Sometimes I do this late at night and yes, I do make mistakes and I can almost bet you will find a stone now and then that really doesn't belong in your bag.  I'm a human - I require food and coffee and sometimes I do this too late at night :)   Your bag is around 1.5 ounces.   

Citrine Bag of Natural Crystals

    • attracts money to you
    • improves communication
    • clears away dark spots in the home caused by restless spirits and negative earth energies
    • helps with fears
    • protects you against negative energy form others
    • cleans and protects the aura
    • increases intuition 
    • helps you to hear your inner voice for decision making
    • helps you to visualize your desired goal and bring it to life
    • transforms negative energy to positive
    • self esteem and confidence building
    • helps you to deal with criticism from others and be less sensitive  
    • revitalizes the mind
    • helps to overcome depression and sadness
    • builds inner calmness
    • see the joy in life!

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