Invite luck and abundance into your life.


Feel confident and filled with energy and know you are protected.


This is a beautiful natural, unpolished, raw crystal point of citrine and quartz.  You can see the top of your gemstone is clear while the point is a rich, vibrant golden yellow.  Because the stone is natural, there are nooks and crannies.  The point of the crystal has a little mark as Mother Nature makes every stone unique.  


When you hold your crystal up to the light, you can see right through parts of it. There is a lot for you to fall in love with.   The back has a slight groove and the front is beautifully arced towards the tip.


It measures almost 1.5 inches tall and I have hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire.  You can choose the necklace length of your desire.

    Citrine for good luck and building confidence

    SKU: NC218
    Length of Cord
    • Here's what Citine can be helpful for:

      • Great for merchants as it helps to increase selling power
      • attracts money to you
      • improves communication
      • clears away dark spots in the home caused by restless spirits and negative earth energies
      • helps with fears
      • protects you against negative energy form others
      • cleans and protects the aura
      • increases intuition 
      • helps you to hear your inner voice for decision making
      • helps you to visualize your desired goal and bring it to life
      • transforms negative energy to positive
      • self esteem and confidence building
      • helps you to deal with criticism from others and be less sensitive  
      • revitalizes the mind
      • helps to overcome depression and sadness
      • builds inner calmness
      • see the joy in life!

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