You can break from old patterns and begin once again.


Green calcite has a gentle energy that allows you to recognize the patterns you are holding onto in your actions and thoughts which can in turn, allow you to make changes you have been looking forward to experiencing.  There is hope in your future and you can let go of those old programming patterns you have been experiencing and move forward.  


This is a very interesting piece of Green Calcite. It's natural but it has a very silky smooth surface to it. It has not been polished.  It's a very soft stone so you do have to take care not to put it down too hard on a surface.  Also, I would suggest keeping it out of the water (places like the bath, swimming and shower etc).  The colours are really interesting with a variety of shades of  sea foam green with softer whites mixed in here and there.  


I have hand wrapped your crystal using sterling silver wire. It measures 1 1/4 inch tall by just over 1 inch wide. 


It'll come to you on the necklace length of your choice or if you have your own, you can add it to your chain.

Green Calcite Gentle Healer Crystal

SKU: NC217
    • Hope for the future
    • Release old ways of thinking and start fresh
    • Balance
    • Break old patterns
    • Resist negative energies from others
    • Release stagnant negative energy you no longer need
    • Stop repeating patterns that are not healthy for you
    • Motivation

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