Feel your spirits and mood lift and know you are strong and able to face the obstacles in front of you.


Beautifully and deeply blue, your polished Lapis is rich is natural blues and sweeping lighter shades moving towards cloudy whites.  As you turn your crystal in the light, you'll discover tiny patches of golden flecks that will catch your eye.    These golden sparkles are everywhere around your crystal.


It's an amazingly smooth crystal and has some weight to it.  


I have hand wrapped your pendant with sterling silver wire and it measures almost 1.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. 


Lapis Lift my Moods and give me strength

SKU: 346LP
Length of Cord
    • Uplift the spirits
    • combat depression
    • strength
    • meditation (calming)
    • connect with spirit guides
    • helps to reverse curses
    • psychic protection
    • prophetic dreams
    • increase clairvoyant abilities
    • harmony
    • love and friendship
    • expression and creativity
    • throat chakra

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