Natural Quartz crystals are a beautiful way of offering a healing gift of intention for your cat or dog's collar.  This type of crystal is very helpful when trying to give them a more positive energy field when times are difficult.  


This crystal measures just slightly over 1 inch long and is quite light.  The wire is a copper core with a silver plate. After a time, the copper will show more as this type of jewelry often gets damp near water bowls and if your pet enjoys swimming or bathing.


You can even wear this crystal if you prefer smaller gemstones too. 

Crystal Tiny Natural Point Healing

SKU: PP107
C$20.00 Regular Price
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Rings or Cord Necklace?
    • powerful healing
    • balance
    • immune system
    • happy and healthy
    • reduce negative energy

Canadian Handmade Healing Crystal Jewelry

                        ©2020 by Wicked Stones 

Wicked Stones was founded in 1999 in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada.  We've been working with healing crystals and gemstones for over 20 years and are real humans behind your screen. Every hand made piece is treated with love and care.  Many of our crystals come from travels across the country as well as personal collections.  We love what we do and are delighted to share in your healing journey.

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