The perfect sized natural quartz crystal for a cat or dog to wear. This is a flatter gemstone that has a double crystal that is about half as long as the original crystal growing on the side.


Crystals are a wonderful gift for your pets to help them with overall health and well being. We can't always understand what ails our pets so a gift to them is our healing energy put into the stone so that they can wear it.


I have hand wrapped it with a copper wire that has silver plating. The copper center will begin to show over time. It'll come with a ring so that you can add it easily. It measures 1 inch long.


You can also wear this crystal yourself if you would like as it's not just for pet collars.

Natural Twin Tiny Crystal Point

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
Rings or Cord Necklace?
    • powerful healing
    • balance
    • immune system
    • happy and healthy
    • reduce negative energy

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