This is an especially tiny natural quartz crystal that I have hand wrapped so that you can add it to your pet's collar.  It's very small measuring only just over 1/2 tall so it has very little weight to it.  It would be a wonderful gift for a kitten, cat or small dog.  


The sides of the stone are very smooth to the touch and it's very clear.  It comes ready to attach to your pet's collar with a ring.


You can even order this for yourself if you prefer to wear smaller crystals for healing.  The wire is a copper core with a silver plate. After a time, the copper will show more as this type of jewelry often gets damp near water bowls and if your pet enjoys swimming or bathing.

Natural Tiny Crystal Point Pet Collar Jewelry

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$18.00Sale Price
Rings or Cord Necklace?
    • powerful healing
    • balance
    • immune system
    • happy and healthy
    • reduce negative energy

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