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Quartz crystals are an excellent companion for your cat or dog when you are looking for a gemstone that can help them during their own healing process. We can't always understand or fathom why our pets are ill or not feeling well, but perhaps you can put some of your own healing intent towards your pet by giving them a crystal with your good thoughts infused into it.


This crystal is very small and measures just over .75 inch long by just under 1/4 of an inch wide. It's very light and would fit perfectly on a kitten, cat or smaller dog. I have hand wrapped this tiny gemstone with a copper wire that has silver plating. After a time, the copper will show more as this type of jewelry often gets damp near water bowls and if your pet enjoys swimming or bathing.


If you enjoy wearing smaller jewelry and are seeking a crystal point? It is perfectly okay for you to wear this pendant too.  It's not just for pets. :)

Tiny Crystal Point healing Pendant

SKU: PP106
Rings or Cord Necklace?
    • powerful healing
    • balance
    • immune system
    • happy and healthy
    • reduce negative energies