Each of these Dolomite beads would feel like smooth silks as it winds and rolls around your wrist as you wear it.  These are lovely large crystal beads that measure just over .25 inches around.  


Between each stone is a sterling spacer bead and at the end of your bracelet where it connects to the clasp, I've added 2 eye catching swarovski pink crystals.  Your clasp is sterling silver. 


This bracelet measures 8 inches long and is not adjustable.  These beads have been dyed to reach this rich red colour. 

Dolomite Root Chakra Stress reducing bracelet

SKU: B108
    • gentle energy
    • soothing healing
    • relieves hurt, sorrows, loneliness and anxeity
    • helps you to see that everything happens for a reason
    • stamina when working with energetic or hyper people
    • boosts self esteem
    • creativitiy


    Root Chakra

    • empowerment
    • grounding to the earch
    • dealing with daily tasks
    • helping you to stand up for yourself and your beliefs

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