Allow yourself to heal. 

Embrace the peaceful energy and know you are protected from negativity.


Fairy crystals (or baby spirit crystals) are truly an amazing crystal to both feel and to see.  This crystal is totally encased in smaller tiny crystals like a blanket of snow from top to bottom, and there are so many dazzling shimmer and shining areas that it's breathtaking.  Turn it in the sunlight and it just shimmers like ice crystals on the snow on a winter's bright sunny day.  There is a smaller piece of the crystal that sticks out on the front of your gemstone.  


Your crystal changes from white to a creamy off white with darker earth tones.  The surface is natural and feels bumpy against your fingers. (That's all those beautiful shimmering crystals).  It measures 2 1/4 inches long by 1/2 inch wide and I have hand wrapped it with sterling silver wire.

Fairy Baby Spirit Quartz Pendant

SKU: NC221
Length of Cord
  • • Gentle Healing energy
    • Protection from negative energy
    • Transforms negative energy to positive
    • Restores positive energy
    • Harmony and peace
    • Optimism in dealing with changes
    • Joy and happiness
    • Meditation

    • Increasing psychic abilities

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