Dalmatian Jasper is an incredibly soothing gemstone to have against your skin.  It's silky smooth and soft and these deep earthy toned colours are totally natural.


They truly do resemble the spots that our four legged Dalmatian pet's have.  This bracelet is very light and would look simply elegant with a casual and dressed up look. 


I've chosen to place these beautiful round beads between silver plate tiny spacer beads and then accented at the end with a sterling silver Bali Bead.  The clasp and jump ring is sterling silver.  You will also find 2 very strong sterling silver crimp beads on each end to hold your piece together and a guard on the beading material to help keep your bracelet safe.


Your bracelet has been hand crafted using a very flexible inner cord stand of 49 tiny wires (Beadalon).  The size is 7.5 inches and is not adjustable so please measure your wrist to make sure this will fit you. You will notice that there is room on the inner cord - there is a purpose for this.  If the beads sit too tightly, it will cause stress on your bracelet and it can break. Having this extra room, allows the stones to move and the inner core to flex properly.


Dalmatian Jasper: Feel Calm & Relaxed Bracelet

SKU: B22
  • Dalmatian Jasper Healing

    • cleanse and gently energize your auric field
    • calming energy
    • strengthen loyalties
    • encourages working with others and unity when working with animals
    • seeing your own strengths and weaknesses
    • grounded to the Earth
    • protection from nightmares
    • helps to relieve negative thinking and depression
    • relaxations
    • lifting spirits
    • telepathic communication with animals.

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