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Empower yourself and know you can achieve what you desire to do.


Tucked inside this kit are 4 larger natural unpolished healing crystals for you to help you when you need to build and increase your inner strengths.  They can also be very beneficial when working with the powerful energies of the full moon.  It's not limited to that though, you can use these crystals at any time you feel the need to work with their energies.  Each of these crystals are rough and natural.  And a very good size so that you can really hold them in your hands.  You get these exact stones as I make each kit one at a time, and the cotton bag you see in the photo. Plus an hand information card. 


Amethyst (1 1/4  x 1).  Helps you to manifest your goals and stay protected during times of change in your life.  Feel safe as you push forward.  Know you can do this. 


Green Aventurine (1 1/4 inch long by 1 inch wide).  Attract abundance and prosperity to you.  You have the confidence to know that you can be strong and achieve what you set out to do.  Feel the earth beneath you and feel rooted.


Selenite (1 3/4 by almost 1 1/2 wide)  Embrace the energy of the full moon and it's strength.  Feel calm.  Have clear thoughts and a powerful vision of what your goals and desires are.  Know you can do it.


Moonstone (1 1/2 inches long by 1 inch wide) You can overcome all obstacles in front of you.  Feel inspired.  Feel hope.  Heal what ails you as you move forward.

    Full Moon Empowerment Crystal Healing Kit

    SKU: KT25