Empower yourself and know you can achieve what you desire to do.


Tucked inside this kit are 3 larger natural healing crystals for you to help you when you need to build and increase your inner strengths.


Your labradorite crystal in this set has some stunning blue fire.  You can really see it when you move it in the light.  It has a lovely finish with a few nooks and crannies for your fingers to explore and get to know.


The rutile golden banding is gorgeous and truly is breathtaking.  This crystal has some nooks and crannies as well and a bit of a grooved section you finger tips can slide into.


Your piece of moonstone has been polished to a semi mat finish right here in our shop.  It has a mixture of deep gray and soothing whites that really is dazzling.  The surface is silky smooth to the touch.


They can also be very beneficial when working with the powerful energies of the full moon. It's not limited to that though, you can use these crystals at any time you feel the need to work with their energies. You get these exact stones as I make each kit one at a time, and a pouch to use.


Labradorite 1 inch

  • Confidence
  • Life changes
  • Manifestation energy
  • Power
  • Strength


Rutile Quartz (over 1 inch)

  • Willpower
  • Facing obstacles with strength
  • Overcoming fear
  • Know you are strong


Moonstone (Over 1 inch)

  • Be strong during times of change
  • Feel calm
  • Inspiration
  • Hope
  • Know you can be successful.

    Full Moon Empowerment Crystal Healing Kit

    SKU: KT80

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