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Your Golden Healer crystal is a powerful healing stone to work with.  This is a natural unpolished crystal point that has never been touched by a saw or polishing machine. It's just as it comes from Mother Earth.  Which can add to your healing experience if you prefer raw healing stones to work with.  Your pendant has a very nice weight to it.   This is important to note as you will discover bumps and nicks with natural stones as they are meant to be used as found. 


The sides of your crystal have horizontal bandings that are lightly etched.  You can feel them with your fingers as you stroke the sides of your pendant.  On the very top is a cluster of tiny yellow crystals with a single bridge crystal point that grows at a 90 degree angle.  When holding it up to the light, it's beautifully clear inside.  


Your crystal measures 1.5 inches long by just over .75 wide.  I have hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire. 

Natural Crystal Point - Bridge Golden Healer

SKU: Cww1
  • Golden Healer

    • help you to attain and maintain contact with the spiritual worlds
    • powerful healing gemstone.


    This type of crystal has another smaller crystal growing out of the larger one. 

    • helps to "bridge" gaps and bring things together for you
    • can help you to communicate your ideas to others around you