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You can find it inside of yourself to be strong and face the every day stresses with confidence and strength of mind. 


This kit has been specially put together with three powerful healing stones that can help you to find the courage to confident with who you are and where you are going.  Each of these stones polished to a beautiful smooth finish.  You will get the exact stones you see in the photos.  These gems come in a larger size so you can really feel their energy when you need them.


Carnelian Agate (Orange crystal) - 1.5 inch

  • Courage to face every day
  • Strength of mind
  • Abundance
  • Positive energy and calms anger
  • Lets your true self shine through
  • Trust yourself
  • Overcoming negative conditioning

Sodalite (blue and white crystal) - 1.5 inch

  • Life changes
  • Self confidence
  • Meditation and focus
  • Creative energy

Rhodonite (pink crystal) - 1.25 inch 

  • Supportive energy 
  • Confidence
  • Encourages patience
  • Helps you to keep control of your temper
  • Balance and grounding (keep your feet on the ground when things go crazy)
  • Protection against negative energy (Psychic attacks)
  • Dealing with anxiety


Goodbye Stress! Hello Confidence! Crystal Healing Set