Breath in. 
Hold it.
Focus on your energy.
Allow yourself to ground to the earth.
Release and relax.


When life begins to stress us out and cause us to lose our footings, we can tend to become feeling scattered and unhappy in our thoughts.  These larger three crystals were chosen to help you when this happens.  With your intentions, you can work with these gems to refocus on your life and ground your energy.  Become less scattered in your emotions and thoughts and find your footing so that you can walk again with confidence.  Your stones will arrive in a cotton bag and a small information card. 

These 3 beautiful crystals are the exact ones you will receive. They are polished, but you can see they have natural bumpy areas that your fingers will enjoy as you begin working with them.  The hematite (black) gemstone is very highly polished and has some weight to it.


Petrified Wood (2 inch long) Like the trees, you have a powerful base to ground your energy with.  Feel strong and supported when dealing with stress.  Reach in and find harmony and renewal.


Hematite (1.5 inch long - shiny black)  Breathe in calm energy and feel strong.  Feel your feet firmly grounded and know you are stable and focused.  Have confidence in yourself that you can succeed. 


Aventurine (1 1/4 inch long - dark brown) Feel balanced and centered.  Know you have inner confidence and feel protected as you begin to move forward.  Draw success to your side.

    Ground Yourself Crystal Healing Kit

    SKU: KIT41

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