Invite joy and happiness into your life.

Allow yourself to let go of sadness.


Tucked inside your cloth pouch, you will discover these exact four crystals you see in the photos. They have been chosen to help you with your intentions to let go of your negative thoughts and embrace a more positive and joyful attitude.  


Emerald (1 inch) This crystal has some nooks and crannies

  • Love and joy
  • patience 
  • balance
  • joy for life
  • protective shield


Tiger Iron (just over 1/2 inch)

  • Energy boost
  • dealing with life changes
  • helping you to see new paths to take
  • help with dealing with burn out and stress
  • protection


Rutile Quartz (over 1/2 inch)

  • calming energy
  • uplifting of the spirits
  • support during changes
  • willpower


Botswana Agate (3/4 inch)

  • Calm during times of stress
  • focus
  • creative thinking
  • relief of sadness and grief
  • protection
  • grounding
  • balance


Your crystals will come with a small information card and a pouch to carry them in. 

Happiness and Joy Crystal Set

  • Each crystal can be used alone or in the group of four to help with your intentions to invite happy energy and joy into your life. 



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