Release that which you no longer need.

Move forward with a happy, healed heart.


Sometimes in life, we just need a companion to help us feel stronger when times feel overwhelming and hard to deal with.  This set of four polished crystals has been chosen to help you when you feel you need to begin to let go of the past and move forward.  To allow yourself to heal.  To allow your heart to feel the emotions and then let go of what you no longer need in order to engage in your new path or future.


These four stones are:


Rose quartz (over 1 inch long) for gentle soothing energy to give you the strength to know you are beautiful inside and out and supported.


Moonstone (just under 1 inch) for attracting light energy and accepting love back into your life.  This also means loving yourself.


Rhodonite (almost 1.5 inch long) for forgiving yourself past mistakes and giving you emotional support as you self heal.  Feel balanced and know you can move forward.


Amethyst (3/4 inch) for starting on your new path and beginning again.  You can focus and transform your life in harmony.


Your crystals come in a cotton pouch with an information card. 

Heart Healing Crystal Set


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