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There is peace within.

There is peace around me.

I can be calm. I can be serene.


Howlite is an amazing gem to wear when you need help to release busy thoughts, worries, negative emotions and all that garbage you carry around with you sometimes.  


Dealing with people around you who get on your nerves and are annoying? Reach for your crystal and know you can keep calm and centered.  Also fabulous for yoga and meditation practices when you need to help filter out busy thoughts and remain focused and calm.


This piece of polished howlite measures 1 1/2 inches long by over 1 inch wide.  There is a bit of weight to your crystal.  I have hand wrapped it with a silver plate wire that has a copper core.  Just so you know, after time, you will discover a copper patina showing through the wire.  

    Howlite calm those moods

    SKU: 333HW
      • Calming energy
      • Soothes busy thoughts and overactive mind
      • Meditation crystal
      • Controls strong negative emotions
      • Speak your mind calmly and clearly
      • Build inner strength
      • Stability while facing life changes
      • Dream recall
      • root chakra balancing