You can change the direction of your life.

Move forward with higher energy and motivation.


There are so many amazing patterns you can find all over this polished piece of Leopard Jasper.  As you get to know your crystal, you will find smooth surfaces mixed with rougher ones that are mixed with nooks and crannies.


The shape is very interesting as it starts off with a rounded point, then curves outwards on the sides (as well as the back) and then tapers back down into a smooth point on the other end.  The wire itself, hugs a section of the stone on the back where you can see the horizontal darker lines follow along with it.


All the colours you see on this healing gem are natural - no dye has been used to achieve this soothing earthy pink shade you see. 


Your stone measures 1.1/4 inches long by 3/4 wide and is wrapped in sterling silver wire.

Leopard Jasper Necklace for Motivation

Length of Cord
    • energy boost
    • strength
    • vitality
    • confidence and self esteem
    • shaman's crystal for connecting with power of totem animals
    • astral travel

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