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Rich and creamy! Your healing Ocean Jasper crystal is truly a one of a kind piece. It's an incredible mix of soft browns with such a creamy feel. There are beautiful orbs and amazing patterns all around this pendant. It has a super smooth finish and is very flat on both sides so you will have maximum exposure to its healing vibes as you wear it.


You can see that this particular crystal even has a tiny crystal cavern on the right hand side. It sparkles and dazzles in the light. You can feel the crystals inside of your stone.


I have hand wrapped your gemstone in sterling silver wire and your gem measures 1 inch long. 

    Ocean Jasper for powerful luck

    SKU: 90JW

      • helps you to accept the responsibilities that are handed to you
      • patience to deal with new things
      • Has a soothing energy
      • Learn to love who you are
      • Helps to heal wounded emotions
      • Peace of mind
      • Protection
      • Balance of home and work life (burnout)
      • Luck and money attraction