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This polished crystal of Snowflake Obsidian has a lot going on.   There is quite a lot of patterns that you can follow along with your eyes across the super smooth surface of this round crystal.  You can wear this stone facing any direction you wish.


If you scry, you could use it for dowsing by dangling it on a chain.  These colours are natural and unique as no two pieces will ever be the same.  I have hand wrapped your healing pendant with a heavy gauge sterling silver wire.  The top and bottom of your stone has sterling silver caps.  Your crystal measures .75 inches across.

Snowflake Obsidian: I will start over again with new hopes. Sterling Pendant

C$44.00 Regular Price
C$37.40Sale Price
    • reduce tension and stress
    • fortune telling
    • new beginnings
    • hope
    • gentle release of a situation that has caused you pain in the past
    • calming and soothing energy
    • build focus during times of change
    • clears away illusions and prevent day dreaming when you are tying to concentrate
    • protection