Dazzling danglers! Your ears will look stunning while wearing this 2 inch long pair of healing crystal earrings.

I can feel calm and centered.

The stress of the day slips away from me.

I am.


Dangling from each of your ears is a wonderful and beautiful combination of crystals.  They are vibrant green Jade and pink dolomite, mixed with a single lotus flower pewter charm and a stunning sparkling Swarovski crystal.  


The inner core of your earrings are sterling silver. The part that goes through your ear is also sterling silver.


The Lotus flower charm is double sided, so no matter which way your dangle dangles, you can see this flower. It's made of lead free pewter and is quite charming as the flower sits higher than the background in the circle.

Lotus Flower Calming Energy Crystal Earrings

SKU: 101JD
C$26.00 Regular Price
C$23.40Sale Price
    • serenity and purity
    • wisdom
    • luck and abundance
    • attracts wealth and good fortune
    • gently releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind
    • stimulates new ideas
    • insight
    • dream recall
    • helps you to become who you wish to be
    • gentle healer that boosts your self healing power
    • dealing with emotional or spiritual issues
    • gentle energy
    • soothing healing
    • relieves hurt, sorrows, loneliness and anxeity
    • helps you to see that everything happens for a reason
    • stamina when working with energetic or hyper people
    • boosts self esteem
    • creativitiy

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