Feel peaceful.


Allow your spirits to lift and find joy.  Let go of negative energies and re-center yourself with harmony. 


Lapis can be your companion while you are seeking to find calm and peace during meditation practices.  Balance your emotions.  Feel love and joy...  and protected.  


Wrapped around your wrist is a set of incredibly beautiful mat finished Lapis Lazuli beads.  They are so very soft feeling and have a simply amazing silky feel to them.   Between each beautifully natural blue gemstone bead, I have placed a single sterling silver tiny bead as well.  In the middle, rests a dazzling sterling silver accent bead surround by more sterling floral beads.  The lobster claw clasp and jump ring are also sterling silver.   This is a peace of jewelry meant to last.    


This bracelet will fit on a 7.5 inch wrist. Measure carefully, as this treasure is not adjustable.  I have hand crafted it using a strong durable cord.  There are spaces between your crystals to allow for the stones to flow and not have tension on your piece of jewelry.   In total, there are a total of 16 incredibly beautiful crystal healing beads. 

    Lapis Crystal Bracelet for Happiness

      • Uplift the spirits
      • combat depression
      • strength
      • meditation (calming)
      • connect with spirit guides
      • helps to reverse curses
      • psychic protection
      • prophetic dreams
      • increase clairvoyant abilities
      • harmony
      • love and friendship
      • expression and creativity
      • throat chakra

    Canadian Handmade Healing Crystal Jewelry

                            ©2020 by Wicked Stones 

    Wicked Stones was founded in 1999 in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada.  We've been working with healing crystals and gemstones for over 20 years and are real humans behind your screen. Every hand made piece is treated with love and care.  Many of our crystals come from travels across the country as well as personal collections.  We love what we do and are delighted to share in your healing journey.

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