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Your earrings have been handcrafted using beautiful blue matte lapis beads.  There are 2 beads on every earring with a single high grade blue Swarovski crystal in the middle.


The top and bottom of each crystal has a silver plate floral bead cap.  The inside is a single core wire of sterling silver and the earring itself (that goes through your ear) is also sterling silver.  The Om charms are silver plate.  These are gorgeous earrings you could wear each and every day to help you to feel calm and centered during times of stress. 


Your earrings measure 2.25 inches long and will have a beautiful dangle to them as you wear them.

Lapis - Relax, be calm, meditate. Om Earrings

SKU: E29
    • Uplift the spirits
    • combat depression
    • strength
    • meditation (calming)
    • connect with spirit guides
    • helps to reverse curses
    • psychic protection
    • prophetic dreams
    • increase clairvoyant abilities
    • harmony
    • love and friendship
    • expression and creativity
    • throat chakra