Sometimes the words escape me when I try to think of how to describe an item here on my site.


Your piece of Citrine... is.. simply stunning.  It's a vibrant golden yellow that rises up to a crown of soft gentle whites.  Inside of the golden hues are deep speckles of black and shimmering areas that catch the light.  Inside the point is a gorgeous rainbow that if you turn the crystal just right, you will be able to see it.


I have hand wrapped your gemstone with a gold plated wire and attached it with hand made oval jump rings.  Oval shapes help to ensure the crystal wont come loose as you work with your pendulum.   


Half way up the chain, there is a single south sea pearl with a dazzling Swarovski crystal and at the top there is another south sea pearl with 2 more swarovski crystals.  Attached to that is a gold metal sun charm to allow you to use your pendulum.  


The crystal is over 2 inches long and the entire chain measures just under 12 inches long. 

Large Raw Citrine Pendulum

SKU: PD108
  • o    attracts money to you
    o    improves communication
    o    clears away dark spots in the home caused by restless spirits and negative earth energies
    o    helps with fears
    o    protects you against negative energy 
    o    cleans and protects the aura
    o    increases intuition 
    o    hear your inner voice for decision making
    o    visualize your desired goal and bring it to life
    o    transforms negative energy to positive
    o    self esteem and confidence building
    o    deal with criticism from others and be less sensitive  
    o    revitalizes the mind
    o    helps to overcome depression and sadness
    o    builds inner calmness
    o    see the joy in life!

Canadian Handmade Healing Crystal Jewelry

                        ©2020 by Wicked Stones 

Wicked Stones was founded in 1999 in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada.  We've been working with healing crystals and gemstones for over 20 years and are real humans behind your screen. Every hand made piece is treated with love and care.  Many of our crystals come from travels across the country as well as personal collections.  We love what we do and are delighted to share in your healing journey.

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