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When you feel it's time to move on from a negative, sad or any situation that causes you to feel low, these crystals can help you to work through those emotions. 


Each of these 4 gemstones are the exact crystals you will receive. They have been chosen to help you along your journey of life change in hopes they will become a companion to your path.  They are smaller crystals and will be easy to carry with you.  And you will receive a small pouch to keep them in with an information card.


Apache Tear (just under 1 inch - black and gray)  This crystal is a mix of the host rock and obsidian.  Protect yourself from negative energy.  Damper inner anger and frustration and let go of stresses.  Find comfort in the sad moment and protect your aura. 


Tourmaline (just under 1 inch - black with pitted natural areas) Powerful emotional support and dealing with negative vibes and energy.  Helps you through life changes and transitions.  Reduce your stress and feel calm.


Snowflake Obsidian (Just over inch) Gentle healing and release of negative emotions.  Release grief.  There is hope for the future and new beginnings are possible.  Feel calm.  


Banded Agate (1 inch) release grief you are holding onto.  Heal your wounded emotions.  Feel calm with this gentle healing crystal and protected from stress.

    Letting go of Sorrow and Grief healing crystal kit

    SKU: KIT42