Invite abundance and luck into your life.

This is a smaller set of crystals for you to use to help bring lucky energy back into your life.  It's the perfect size for those who don't want large bulky crystals and would prefer a lighter set.  


Each of these gemstones measure under 1 inch.  Carry all of them with you, or just one that calls to you the most.  They are used in partnership with your intentions to let go of negative vibes and invite lucky energy towards you.


Your stones are the exact ones you see in the photos.


Citrine for inviting luck towards you and the knowledge that you can set out to do what you achieve.  Manifest your wishes and desires with high energy.


Aventurine for good fortune and confidence to make the right decisions for you.  


Sunstone for drawing luck your way and feeling successful and positive.


Ocean Jasper for attraction energy and luck and to help balance your emotions.


All these crystals will come to you in a cotton pouch with an information card. 

Luck and Abundance Healing Crystal Set small


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