Feel lucky and invite abundance into your life.


Inside of your crystal healing kit are the exact stones you see in the photos.  There are four large natural raw unpolished gemstones.  The darker golden stone is Pyrite and it was hand collected in Ontario and semi polished right here in my shop.  This crystal is a smaller section of a very large piece and has been semi polished so that it has a very unique surface. There is a lot of texture, golden shine and weight to this crystal. 


I'll send all your healing stones to you in a fabric draw string pouch with an information card. 


Chalcopyrite (1 1/4 inch) attracts luck your way.  Success is within your reach and you can feel protected from negative energies coming your way.  (This is the crystal that is hand picked and worked right here in Ontario.)


Citrine (1 1/2 inch) is a powerful abundance crystal to help you find success and achieve your goals.  Manifest your desires to be lucky or your heart's wishes.  You can be motivated!  This is an amazing crsytal that has raw areas and also smooth sections that are silky smooth to the touch.  


Aventurine (almost 1  1/2 inches) is a crystal of prosperity and good fortune.  Be confident in the decisions you make on your path to abundance.


Moonstone (over 2 inches) to help you accomplish the goals you set out.  Can help to intuitively draw luck to you.  Feel calm and let go so you can focus and not let worries and stress drag you down.

    Luck Abundance Raw Crystal Set Large

    SKU: KIT43

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