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Amethyst is a beautiful crystal to help you to be able to let go of the tensions you may be feeling and find peace of mind. Those who meditate, may find that by using Amethyst they can control those nagging thoughts that tend to work in the background.  This crystal is a gorgeous gemstone that has amazing darker and lighter shades of purple banding that go all the way around your stone.   It's super silkly and smooth to the touch.


If you are looking to manifest something in your life try working with Amethyst. The great thing about drilled crystals is that you get maximum exposure to your body as so much of the pendant connects with you. You can also stroke this while wearing it. The colours you see are all natural and it's really gorgeous. 


It measures 1.5 inches long by 1/2 wide and will come ready to wear on a 20 inch black cord or you can pick the length when you are ordering. 

Manifest, Release stress Amethyst Crystal

SKU: 327AM
  • · Protection
    · Help with meditation
    · Manifestation & Luck
    · Intuition and help with divination
    · Releases tension
    · Courage
    · Psychic enhancer
    · Protection from psychic attack