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Sometimes I come across a piece of Ocean Jasper that just takes my breath away. This is one of those crystals.  I've tried to capture the incredible beauty of the colours and patterns that your crystal has.  It's a rich variety of greens, yellows, earth tones and whites in such an amazing array.  There is so much for your eyes to fall in love with.


This stone has been cut with faceted edges so you will have many sides to touch with your fingers to explore.  The surface is super silky smooth to the touch.  You skin will have so much contact to this gem to benefit from its gentle healing properties.  


There is a single drill hole in the top and you can choose when you order (leave me a note) the length of cord you would like me to add.  Your stone measures 3/4 inch across and 1 inches tall.   

    Ocean Jasper Luck and Crystal Healing

    SKU: 326OJ
    Length of Cord

      • helps you to accept the responsibilities that are handed to you
      • patience to deal with new things
      • Has a soothing energy
      • Learn to love who you are
      • Helps to heal wounded emotions
      • Peace of mind
      • Protection
      • Balance of home and work life (burnout)
      • Luck and money attraction