Amazing Ontario Crystal.


This piece of Ontario Quartz is smooth like silk and has a very gorgeous feeling against the skin.


Your crystal is from Ontario and has been hand worked from the very start right here in our shop.  Instead of taking this magnificent crystal to the final polish shiny point, I found that it just was too amazing to bring past the matt finish.  It's got a silk like feel that shimmers in the light and looks stunning.


I've included photos of this gem in the sunlight so that you can see the inside and the fantastic phantoms it has.


Because it's been worked by hand, it is not perfect.  It's handmade so there are small nooks and crannies for your fingers to discover.  I have hand wrapped your crysta, with sterling silver wire.


The stone measures 1 3/4 inches long by just under 1 1/2 inches wide.

Ontario Quartz Large Crystal Necklace

SKU: 347OQ
Length of Cord
  • • Powerful healing
    • Eliminate negative energy
    • Cleansing 
    • Restores positive energy
    • Helps to raise energy
    • Aids in concentration
    • Stone of health, wealth and happiness
    • Meditation

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