The center of your necklace is a single polished crystal point that originated from Tibet. It has a super smooth finish to it with several other small crystals near the top of your gemstone. On each side of your center crystal there are 2 round quartz beads and a single vibrant swarovski crystal that will really catch the light and dazzle.


This bar where the crystals sit is hand crafted using a very heavy gauge gold plated wire (on copper) that measures 2.5 inches long. You cannot bend this bar as it's very sturdy and designed for you to be able to wear this necklace as long as you desire. The chain is gold plated brass and the entire necklace measures 20 inches long.

This is a gorgeous pendant for anyone who enjoys boho chic styles as you can layer this necklace another one that would sit over the bar of crystals. You could add this necklace with pretty well any other colour crystal to create a very amazing look.


Tibet Crystals have been used to promote contact with ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the wearer. These crystals contain a very powerful "OM" vibration that prompts inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and radiate this energy to the higher self.

    Polished Quartz Point from Tibet

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    C$36.00 Regular Price
    C$30.60Sale Price
    • • Powerful healing
      • Eliminate negative energy
      • Cleansing 
      • Restores positive energy
      • Helps to raise energy
      • Aids in concentration
      • Stone of health, wealth and happiness
      • Meditation
      • Psychic powers

    Canadian Handmade Healing Crystal Jewelry

                            ©2020 by Wicked Stones 

    Wicked Stones was founded in 1999 in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada.  We've been working with healing crystals and gemstones for over 20 years and are real humans behind your screen. Every hand made piece is treated with love and care.  Many of our crystals come from travels across the country as well as personal collections.  We love what we do and are delighted to share in your healing journey.

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