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Beautiful Ontario Crystal.


I am confident.

I can handle what life throws my way.

I am creative and inspired.


This is a thinner lightweight crystal that originates from Bancroft Ontario.  It's been carefully wrapped in sterling silver wire and incredibly smooth to the touch on both sides.  


It's a vibrant combination of light and darker blues mixed with white patterns and has been polished to a semi gloss finish.  It's super silky to the touch and lays flat against your chest.   It measures just under 1.5 inches long by over an inch across.


A bit of history about your crystal:  In the year 1901 the Princess of Wales was given a piece of stone from this mine and she simply fell in love with its beauty. Arrangements were made to quarry enough of this gem to decorate her residence in London England (called the Marlborough House.) This is how the Princess Sodalite Mine found its name.

Ontario Sodalite Crystal Jewelry

SKU: 305PSD1

    • helps you with creativity and inspiration (new ideas)
    • self confidence
    • loyalty
    • life changes (retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc) as it can help you move forward with the next part of your life
    • Throat Chakra
    • Focus during meditation and Yoga practices
    • Helps to calm over active minds and thoughts