Feel your confidence grow and allow inspiring thoughts and energy to carry you along your path.  Calm those thoughts and know you can get through the changes and obstacles in front of you.


This is a stunning piece of Ontario sodalite that has been polished to an amazing silky smooth surface.  The colours are incredible, ranging from vibrant deep blues to gentle creamy whites.  Both the back and front of your crystal are unique.  Almost 1.5 inches tall and just about 1.5 inches across, this is a beautiful crystal to wear.  It's large but there is not a lot of weight so it's comfortable to wear.  I've hand wrapped it using sterling silver wire.


Many years ago, I lucked into meeting one of the family members who used to own the Princess Mine located in Bancroft Ontario.  This particular piece of Sodalite is from one of many from this original collection and I'm happy to be adding it here to Wicked Stones.  The collection I have is in very limited supply so I'll only be posting a few at a time here.


A bit of history about your crystal:  In the year 1901 the Princess of Wales was given a piece of stone from this mine and she simply fell in love with its beauty. Arrangements were made to quarry enough of this gem to decorate her residence in London England (called the Marlborough House.) This is how the Princess Sodalite Mine found its name.

Princess Sodalite polished Crystal Pendant

SKU: 344PS
Length of Cord
  • Sodalite healing:  

    • helps you with creativity and inspiration (new ideas)
    • self confidence
    • loyalty
    • life changes (retirement, empty nest syndrome, etc) as it can help you move forward with the next part of your life
    • Throat Chakra
    • Focus during meditation and Yoga practices
    • Helps to calm over active minds and thoughts

Canadian Handmade Healing Crystal Jewelry

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Wicked Stones was founded in 1999 in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada.  We've been working with healing crystals and gemstones for over 20 years and are real humans behind your screen. Every hand made piece is treated with love and care.  Many of our crystals come from travels across the country as well as personal collections.  We love what we do and are delighted to share in your healing journey.

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